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  1. @ChannelProphet


    You are not alone. Many of us – in particular with intelligent kids – have been down this road. Each case is unique. I will tell you that we tried the meds route for a stint and eventually our son said he preferred not to take them. He focuses where he chooses – makes 100’s and then doesn’t turn in homework so his averages are B’s and C’s with 100’s on test scores. Its very draining and disappointing. But we recognize that each kid is a unique gift and puzzle. Hang in there. It’s a marathon.

  2. Mike Stewart


    Thank you for sharing your story. I also have a child with severe A.D.H.D. And I myself have A.D.D.

    I have learned to use it and channel my inability to properly focus on the task at hand and have also learned that it is a gift that has also helped my SEO skills flourish with being capable of scattering my focus to leverage Multi-channel efforts.

    My daughter is probably going to be one of those kids that needs the meds. Personally I have a big problem with medicating my kids, but your insight has helped me see a different perspective on it.

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