Looks Like I Will Be Working with SEOmoz…And Others

Posted by Melissa in Industry News on January 3, 2013

Many people have asked me what direction I was going in career-wise  and to be honest I just wanted to wait and choose what felt right for me. I have done that and now it is time to share…

I have taken a part-time associate position with SEOmoz and will be helping out with reviewing and editing for YouMoz. I am very excited to work with Moz because, well, it is Moz. :) More importantly, they are great people as a whole. I have always had a deep respect for Rand and I have never known a Mozzer I didn’t like, a lot. :) So, if you are considering writing for YouMoz I will be around!

As many of you know I left Search Engine Journal in November and recently I stepped back in as temporary editor until they could find a new editor and set up their advisory board. I will be there for awhile longer.

In December I started working with CopyPressed as an associate editor and I write for the site as well. Dave Snyder is a man I respect and trust and I am thrilled to be a part of CopyPress.

In November I also started writing and editing for Authority Labs. You may notice a theme here, but the guys at AL are good people; I trust them as well and am honored to be involved with their company.

Trust is really an important part of any job for me.

[Obviously I am looking for really good writers that live and breathe this industry for the sites I work with; contact me:)]

A Career Path Change

I still have some clients, but they are a select few. What I found at Search Engine Journal (SEJ) is that I love the community part of this industry. I enjoy it greatly and have enjoyed meeting so many intelligent and wonderful people in the past 14 months. I am good at the community aspect of the job and also the editing aspect and as you can see above I am now working with three companies doing what I enjoy.

I also have been a blogger/writer for a long time and I know what it takes to write for someone, so I appreciate writers. I think that is why the large group of writers I worked with at SEJ and I got along so well. I appreciated them and I supported them (and I still will if they need anything). I definitely know what it takes to run a large blog with a large community, so at this point my future is heading in the editing/community management direction.

Let Me Say Thank You

There are many, many people out there that have supported me and been great friends in the past few years.  I don’t have to call them out by name, because they know who they are. Just an FYI, I am a loyal person and I don’t forget support I have been given. Thank you for supporting me.

I also need to thank those people I don’t speak with all the time, but have supported me anyway. Those are the people that keep me going day after day, the industry folk and my Twitter followers. They keep me on a good path all the time. I appreciate that and that support is not disregarded, but cherished.

Lastly, thank you to everyone that supported me during my time at SEJ. I will never forget it.

So there it is…

There is my news for the day. I thank everyone that has been extra supportive in the past month or two. I needed it and I appreciate it. I am around on Twitter @SEOAware. Contact me anytime and I am hoping for a happy and productive 2013 for everyone in this industry. God bless! :) and –> #SaveTheTigers #SaveBigCats

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  1. Sean Smith


    Just out of curiosity, are you actually moving to an in-office position? Or are you staying put here in FL working remotely?

  2. Victoria

    YOU GO GURL!!!!!!!!!! So proud of you gorgeous! Sending you content very soon btw ;) Holidays were BIZZZZZIE :) xoxo

  3. Cindy Krum

    Big congrats!!! :)

  4. Scott Cowley

    Melissa, you are everywhere! I’m proud to have such a hard-working friend like you. Your diplomacy skills would make for a great political career. :)

  5. Aaron Friedman

    All those places are really lucky to have you :-)
    Keep rockin’ it!

  6. Ross Hudgens

    Congrats Melissa! Looking forward to more great SEO blog posts both by you and partially b/c of you. :)

  7. Joanna

    Can’t wait to have your help around here, we are super lucky to have you! :)

  8. Brian Taylor

    That’s Great Melissa, Congrats :)

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