Guaranteed SEO Results Don’t Exist

Posted by Nick Stamoulis in SEO on March 11, 2013

When a website owner first gets started with SEO they are excited at the prospect of getting their site ranked highly in the search engines.  A common question that SEO client prospects often ask is, “So when can I get to number 1 in Google?”  Unfortunately, there is no way to answer that question especially since some websites simply will never be able to get to number one for reasons that are completely out of their control.

Namely, if competitors have already been doing a great job at SEO for a very long time.  SEO client prospects don’t like to be told that there are no guarantees and sometimes it makes them question the investment.  While it’s true that it’s impossible to guarantee SEO results within a specific timeframe, that doesn’t mean that SEO isn’t worth your time or resources.  If you are doing a good job, SEO work will certainly improve website visibility and traffic over time, there is just no guarantee of what exactly that means for your website.

Guaranteed SEO Results Don’t Exist Because:

The search algorithms are always changing…

The Google search algorithm includes over 200 ranking signals and they are continuously being tweaked and altered.  While Google has become more transparent in recent years regarding how it interprets data and ranks websites, the algorithms themselves remain top secret.  It involves a lot of trial and error to find out what works and what doesn’t.  As the algorithms are tweaked, it means that something that worked two weeks ago may not be working as well now and the ranking position of a site could be affected.

 Search is Personalized

As part of its ongoing efforts to provide users with the most relevant search results, Google has been putting more emphasis on personalizing search.  This means that factors such as location and previous search history are factors when websites are ranked.  If someone is logged into their Google account they will see different results than if they are not logged in.  If someone is an active Google+ user and has lots of connections, the content that those connections share will also factor into the search results which is why it’s important for website owners to create content and be active in social media to improve their social signals.

Every Situation is Unique

Every website is different and is entering into SEO with a unique set of strengths and weaknesses. What works for one site might not work for another site, or it might not work as quickly.  Maybe one site got a high ranking quickly due to its domain age and trust while it took another site years to do the same.  You can’t compare one site to the next when it comes to SEO.

Basically, there is no way to guarantee how quickly SEO results will occur.  Understandably this can be frustrating, but SEO isn’t a quick fix marketing solution.  SEO works over the long term and the best that you can do is remain white hat and see a gradual increase in visitors over an extended period of time.

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  1. Virgil S.

    You are absolutely right the search algorithms are always changing, and you can only guess at solutions. It can be very frustrating when what works today does not work tomorrow. Yet I still see ads for guaranteed top ten rankings all the time, just send your money in.

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