Jan 25 2011

Bing has teamed up with Facebook to help you get better search results which are personalized with the help of the “likes” by your friends on Facebook. I am not sure I am too thrilled about this idea. My friends on Facebook don’t all think like me… You can turn this off. Learn more here […]

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Jan 21 2011

So I was going some research and googled “female doctors” and Google instant automatically displayed the following… You can see the search results here –> Female. So, Google says they display great results, but they need to take the time to actually check the basics. Imagine if a child was doing a report on “female […]

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Jan 20 2011
Learn & Lead

We are doing more consulting than ever before and we enjoy it Here are some reasons why you need an SEO consultant and what they can do for you. #1 – You can find out what you are wasting your money on and what you should keep investing in! Businesses are sold everything under the […]

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Jan 18 2011
3D character with 50$ gift card.

OK, so we are going to have a little contest here. You can win a $50 gift card for Valentine’s Day by telling me who your favorite SEO, Social Media or Internet Marketing expert is and why! Creativity counts! You have three options: You can write at most a 3 paragraph comment below You can […]

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Jan 17 2011

Last year I wrote, Finding Your Value in Twitter. I discussed finding information and building relationships and how I found my value in Twitter. I am downright picky about who I follow on Twitter because I have particular reasons for using it. I want to easily find great industry-related articles, I want to learn, I […]

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Jan 10 2011

Many businesses are starting to understand that their websites need to be optimized. They understand that things must be done to their actual website for them to be optimized. What they often don’t understand is that things need to be done off the website (off-site) to support the on-site optimization strategy(ies). Link building is a […]

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Jan 07 2011

I see everyone and their mother trying to get involved in Social Media and they assume it is as simple as posting this or that on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc. Let me ask you this question, when has anything of quality ever been easy? Here are some reasons I see about 99% of Social Media […]

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Jan 05 2011

Popular vs. Influencer In the last few days there have been several articles about Social Media popularity and influence. These consistently discuss Twitter, as they should (I will do so as well). I had a discussion via Twitter with Michelle Robbins of Search Engine Land and we discussed Klout scores. We discussed Klout giving scores […]

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Jan 05 2011

Anyone can drive traffic to a website, but quality traffic is key. You want traffic that is interested in your products / services because they lead to conversion. SEO is Search Engine Optimization.You have to invest in real and proper SEO… There is much more to SEO than your website being optimized, but for this […]

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Jan 03 2011

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