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Jan 28 2011

I have talked a lot this month about Social Media: Don’t Believe Everything You Hear / See In Social Media Your Social Media Campaign is Doomed to Fail What Industry Experts Look for On Twitter Social Media Done Right is Not Easy I have to say it again, it bothers me immensely to see so […]

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Jan 21 2011

So I was going some research and googled “female doctors” and Google instant automatically displayed the following… You can see the search results here –> Female. So, Google says they display great results, but they need to take the time to actually check the basics. Imagine if a child was doing a report on “female […]

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Jan 18 2011

OK, so we are going to have a little contest here. You can win a $50 gift card for Valentine’s Day by telling me who your favorite SEO, Social Media or Internet Marketing expert is and why! Creativity counts! You have three options: You can write at most a 3 paragraph comment below You can […]

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Jan 03 2011

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Dec 31 2010

The older I get the more I appreciate people. I know I wouldn’t be where I am without many of them and aging also kind of makes you feel like you are on a clock…who knows when the clock stops? So I want to end my year with some personal thoughts and thank yous. Hey […]

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Dec 29 2010

This is part on of a series of articles that will discuss the Ten 2011 Online Must Haves for Your Business! The Website – Attractive, User-Friendly, Easy to Read For years I have talked about the importance of having an attractive website. When people look at websites they look for a modern look, which is […]

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Dec 08 2010

People often look at me like I am nuts when I say I am exhausted and say things like “You just work on a computer all day!!!”  It is true that I do work on a computer, but there are many other things I do that require great mental effort. Some of the basics include: […]

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Nov 27 2010
Nov 01 2010

We are taking a break for the Blue Glass FL conference. Current client can email us if necessary, but if you are contacting us for services you most likely won’t hear from us until Nov. 4th.

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Oct 28 2010

Jim, Dave and Melissa discussed the major changes google has made in the last two days. You can listen to the podcast here. http://www2.webmasterradio.fm/webcology/2010/google-places-incorporated-into-organic-serps/ Read our recent article Google Makes A Major Change and Destroys Their Own Search Engine

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