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Jan 17 2009

I spoke here yesterday and it was very nice. I appreciate being invited and wanted to thank Diane Andrews from the EDC for recommending me for the event and also Sally Hill from www.swdb.org and the Florida Public Relations Association, Central West Coast Chapter. My Agenda Included: What is SEO? 1St Step- a Solid Foundation […]

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Jan 10 2009

The winner is Patricia H of our recent contest! I think her review was extremely informative, it had me thinking and researching. It also convinced me to not buy the iPhone. I need a business smartphone and I picked it up last night. i Will discuss it later, but it is amazing. We had some […]

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Jan 05 2009

I usually don’t get into these things, but I have to say that I am sickened and ashamed of the media and honestly the people I hear calling radio stations and even people talking in the store. So here is my opinion… Two parents just lost their child. Hello?? They lost their baby. The public […]

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Jan 02 2009

Ok here is the deal, I need a Smartphone where I can look at the net and see it as it really is. I have a Palm Treo 680, that I love because of the keyboard and the chat-style view for messaging, but looking at the net is a mess. I also love how email […]

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Dec 31 2008

After the recent PageRank update I played around a bit, as we all do, and I notice that some of my old blogspot sites moved up quite a bit in the SERPS. According to the SEO add-on, my blogspots both have 344,000,000 pages indexed, an Alexa rating of 9, over 49,000 .gov links, 731,000 .edu […]

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Dec 26 2008

No matter what your beliefs are, it is the time of year to love one another and count your blessings. This year I am thankful I have a home and I have food, which is a lot more than many in this country have at the moment. My father is successfully recovering from a pretty […]

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Dec 18 2008

I know I haven’t posted anything SEO related in a while. I have been pretty busy for months. However, I want to discuss something and if you agree fine, if you don’t that is fine too. The economy is bad, as we all know. I am glad I had savings this year. We are budgeting […]

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Dec 03 2008

ShoeMoney is giving away a $500 gift card to Kmart. I would like to win that one. They have a nice Star Wars section Also, start looking at your receipts when shopping: Best Buy is giving away a $5,000 shopping spree; details are on the bottom of your receipt. Circuit City is giving away some […]

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Sep 20 2008

I have been checking out SMX East’s networking site, which is pretty cool. I have most of my schedule figured out, but I am not so sure what to do for the 2nd half of the last day. For those that are not using the network site look for me here [and at all the […]

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Sep 10 2008

You know, I am not complaining. We all need clients and great friendships often result from business/client relationships, but there are a few things that occur over and over and over and it isn’t only me. My IM flashes all day with people pulling their hair out because a client has said or done something […]

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