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Aug 02 2008

So, I bought my ticket, got my hotel reservations and plane tickets. Looking forward to having some fun and resisting the urge to leave the conference and go shopping…I hope to see some of you there. An Idea for Danny How about a conference in Florida? I live here, it is pretty and sunny and […]

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Jul 16 2008

We are happy to have our new site up and going. We hope you enjoy the new design.

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Jul 04 2008

We have freedom to celebrate because of our military. I just want to say thanks, hang in there and may family is keeping you all in our prayers. Happy 4th. Melissa

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Jun 17 2008

I have to say that I am one of those that is honored to be included in the Daily SearchCaps. I read there daily and It is cool to have article links added. I haven’t been writing much lately, but they include me often. So thanks Search Engine Land and Danny Sullivan just for being […]

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May 24 2008

Well, as I said before I am launching my new business site soon (and the blog will still be here). As you probably already know I have ton to do for this new site and I am trying to work as well. I have about 2 weeks to get everything written and ready for the […]

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May 21 2008

There are also “SEO is Sexy Shirts” We are a sexy, techno-geeky kind of bunch! And yes! There is something wrong for looking for cool SEO shirts! I know…

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May 09 2008

SEO AWARE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, life is going pretty well. I wanted to fill everyone in on some upcoming changes at SEO Aware. SEO Aware is now officially a business…an LLC to be specific. I have a local business, but I work more on a national level and my local name is too hard for people […]

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Feb 15 2008

From what I have read movie critics never like anything and if I listened to them I would have missed a lot of great movies. To me Jumper was kind of like the first chapter in what is coming in the future. After seeing the movie we understand David’s background and we know what motivates him…we […]

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Dec 31 2007

The Search Engine Round Table briefly discusses Google offering Gadget Ads. I think all businesses need to check this possible advertising out. Got to Google Gadget Ads for more information.

Time For A Site Redesign? If you are considering redesigning your site this is a great article to read.

Google: Got A “Bad” Site? Then All Your Landing Pages Might Be Poor Quality

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Nov 30 2007

I walked into my mom’s yesterday and walked past the TV and heard something like “Riverview High School has been locked down because of a report of a gun…”. I don’t remember the words, but I remember the panic. The complete and absolute dread I felt that overtook everything. Everyday my son gets out of my car and […]

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