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Blog Category: Business Tips

Online marketing tips for business owners.

Nov 15 2011

Good clients are a blessing and they do pay us a great deal of money. I think it is a good idea to let clients know you are thinking about them during the holidays, but as we all know choosing a gift can be hard. Here are some inexpensive ideas that allow you to give […]

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Aug 23 2011

In March 2011 TechCrunch reported that 100 million iPhones have been sold and in June 2011 MocoNews reported that 25 million iPads have been sold. 125  million people and the numbers grow everyday! I am surprised at how many websites do not work on my iPad and iPhone. I am shocked that it has not […]

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Jun 14 2011

Businesses are getting non-stop advice on online marketing. I would say most is bad advice. Have any tips for businesses in seeking valuable advice? Stop thinking of online marketing as something new. The tool is new and tried and prove tactics are what works. To avoid snake oil type salesmen avoid firms that tell you […]

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May 25 2011

What are some of the recent online “fads” that you have noticed and what do you think of them? I am not really in-touch with what’s hip so this is a hard one for me. I have noticed that we are starting to see more mobile image applications like instagr.am and color. I think on […]

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May 05 2011

Unfortunately, we talk to businesses all the time that do not understand how devastating bad online reviews, website complaints and negative word-of-mouth can be for a business. Your reputation is EVERYTHING, both online and off. If one person perceives that your business has done something wrong or is insulted or disagrees with your practices this […]

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Mar 28 2011

I have discussed many times how crucial it is to target demographics in your website, your social media, your videos and your content. My education and background is Psychology, so I look at things from different angles than some do. I am going to discuss, again, how we do things at SEO Aware and what […]

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Mar 18 2011

This info can be removed and I will tell you how. It appears there is a limit of how many you remove a day. Steps to remove: Go to http://spokeo.com Search for your name – my be broken down into state and city. CLICK on your name and then COPY the URL. Click on “SPOKEO” […]

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Feb 15 2011

Here are some questions every website needs to answer for users if you are hoping to create trust and make a sale. They should be answered on every page, with the exception of #7 (which need to be page specific). You can answer these questions with content, graphics and images. Why should I like you? Tell […]

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Feb 10 2011

Many people receive letters that say their domains are about to expire. They assume they should pay this bill and I am going to tell you what to do and what to avoid. When You Register a Domain… Always remember who you registered it with. For example, GoDaddy.com – If you buy a domain from […]

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Jan 20 2011

We are doing more consulting than ever before and we enjoy it Here are some reasons why you need an SEO consultant and what they can do for you. #1 – You can find out what you are wasting your money on and what you should keep investing in! Businesses are sold everything under the […]

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