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Oct 27 2010

Every time we talk to a business about blogging there is always this sense of panic. People don’t know where to start or what to say, but blogging to promote your business and services is really very easy! Here is a quick list that can be used to come up with years of blog posts. […]

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Sep 24 2010

Everyone needs an Internet marketing strategy and an SEO plan, but you cannot be effective with either of these without competitive intelligence. Understanding Your Competition’s Online Visibility and Marketing Strategies Competitive Intelligence When you hire an SEO company or SEO consultant competitive intelligence should be a major priority for them and should be one of […]

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Aug 24 2010

It has only been this past year, since the economy lost its wig, that we have noticed that some people hire us and are thrilled to get projects going, but then there is a change. Somewhere along the way these clients decide they know more than we do about the Web, websites, website design SEO […]

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Aug 21 2010

When I first saw the Shake Weight on TV I thought it was just one more exercise thing being offered and ignored it. I kept seeing the commercials and one night my husband and I talked about it during the commercial. He said, “I see how it could work.” He use to be a weight […]

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Aug 16 2010

Anyone that has been in this business for awhile knows that getting content for clients’ websites is not an easy task. In fact, a lack of content and/or photos are the only two things that cause our projects to launch later than planned. We want to explain to you why it is so important and […]

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Jul 15 2010

When I talked with my web developer about the design of my SEO Aware site I gave her my wants: Dark gray to black with green Web and world map integrated Guess what?  I got that! I like the design; it makes me happy, but it doesn’t address the type of businesses we are targeting. […]

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Jul 14 2010

My family is in the car business and we have done and do work for several dealers. We also see how they are getting ripped off by what I call “dealer hunters” – companies that promise dealers everything and have NO clue what they are doing. I am going to list some should and should […]

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Jul 09 2010

I totally understand the importance of SEO for every type of client, but I think people get so caught up in the numbers and the data that they forget that all of that information doesn’t mean anything without conversion! I understand getting addicted to the data and the trends and the rankings, but all of […]

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Jul 01 2010

This is a guest post by Lingo24 So you’ve had your website translated into Spanish (and Latin American Spanish), Traditional Chinese, Arabic and half a dozen other languages and you’re ready to go truly global with ten websites fully localized for their foreign markets. You’ve sweated and pored (or possibly paid someone else to sweat […]

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Jun 30 2010

Businesses big and small should all be concerned with the same things: Pleasing Customers Creating Trust Being Found Converting Bringing in more potential customers online! What we are seeing are some large businesses making bad online marketing decisions. Here are some of the mistakes we see. Large Companies and Their Mistakes or Misconceptions Many large […]

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