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Dec 02 2009

Matt Cutts answers a question about predicting what big changes will come in the next few years. Melissa – SEO and Internet Marketing

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Nov 16 2009

Google’s Matt Cutts discusses titles and the description you see in Google searches. Business owners new to the web need to learn about this

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Nov 14 2009

I have never seen it before so I thought I would post a pic. I will say that it was a very specific search term. Maybe it has been happening for awhile…maybe it is a glitch, but I live on the net and this is the first  time I have seen it.

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Oct 30 2009

For the past few days perhaps a week, I have been seeing changes. Our site has changed a lot this past week. All of our internal pages that had page rank lost it, even our blog, according to the toolbar. Now all of our older pages have PR, according to the toolbar, and we have […]

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Oct 07 2009
Sep 21 2009
Sep 16 2009

This video is good for Web designers, those new to SEO and those who are trying to figure out what is or is not working on their website(s).

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Sep 15 2009

I am married to someone in the printing business so it doesn’t make me happy to say that the need for print advertising is lessening everyday. Website advertising is effective and can be less expensive. However, my web designer and I were discussing how many of the sites today look alike. As far as WordPress […]

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Aug 28 2009

More information at Bruce Clay’s Blog.

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Jul 19 2009

I was reading an article, Google Expands Real Estate Listings and decided to check it out. The results, if accurate show that all we have read about the Sarasota economy are right, we are in big trouble. If they are wrong…well, is Google ever wrong? 🙂 Query 1 – Sarasota You can see that there […]

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