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Jan 03 2013
SEO Questions

Many people have asked me what direction I was going in career-wise  and to be honest I just wanted to wait and choose what felt right for me. I have done that and now it is time to share… I have taken a part-time associate position with SEOmoz and will be helping out with reviewing […]

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Sep 04 2012
Pubcon speaker

For years I have wanted to attend Pubcon, but as a mother leaving town is not always easy. I will be attending this year and I will be totally honest and tell you that I am terrified of flying. I don’t even like looking at planes, yet I am going to fly all the way […]

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Jul 29 2011

I am so excited that BlueGlass announced a conference in September because I had just been told by my doctors I couldn’t attend SMX in New York. It has been no secret that I love BlueGlass conferences. I went to (what was the) Search and Social Summit last year and had a blast. I also attended […]

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Jan 25 2011

Bing has teamed up with Facebook to help you get better search results which are personalized with the help of the “likes” by your friends on Facebook. I am not sure I am too thrilled about this idea. My friends on Facebook don’t all think like me… You can turn this off. Learn more here […]

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Nov 05 2010

We were thrilled to be in the Wikio top SEO  list back in May and we were thrilled to have the #14 spot. I guess we have retained that spot because they emailed us yesterday and said the top 2o would be published today and we are still #14. I am thrilled with that Here […]

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May 05 2010
Michael Gray and Rae Hoffman - Copy

Just got back from the Search and Social Summit in Tampa. It was a ton of fun, was full of great people and was a fantastic conference I will make sure to attend every year. Samir Balwani, a very cool dude! Todd (Stuntduble), Michael Gray, Chris Boggs and Rae Hoffman Neal is a funny guy! […]

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Jul 18 2009

AskBoth.com lets you look at both Google and Bing Results at the same time. I like it, but I love to compare all kinds of data. I have tested it  and I enjoy that I do not get behavior-based results with AskBoth.com. It is a nice little tool, but perhaps has a bit too many […]

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May 15 2009

123People.com I really like this site. This site lets you find information about people. I have been able to find some places I have been discussed that I was not aware of. I also like being able to find so much information one place. Some things you can find at 123People.com. Weblinks Images Videos Social […]

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May 06 2009

You Might Be a Twitter Addict If you Twitter on the toilet, you might be a Twitter Addict I love the Internet and I don’t think I would be any good at my job if I wasn’t a “net junkie”. Constantly educating oneself is important in this industry and social media helps us do that. […]

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Oct 07 2008

At SMX East…

Posted by Melissa in Industry News

Well, I can’t comment much, yet, on the sessions. Today will be a much more exciting day. I have met a lot of people and I have to say the nicest people so far have to be Chris Winfield and his wife. They are down to earth, welcoming people. His wife is as beautiful as […]

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