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Feb 21 2008

Aaron has decided to move away from selling SEO Book and move “toward selling a web based information product backed by a community forum that helped turn it into a service more than a product….On February 20th at midnight I am going to shift the default affiliate traffic location to pointing at the new landing […]

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Aug 27 2007

  Hey y’all. I am sick as a dog, but saw this article and wanted you all to see it. I wrote about Comcast before. I had nothing but problems with their cable Internet service and I am SOOOOOOOOOO glad to be away from them. I think everyone should read Comcast Cuts Off Heavy Internet Users because […]

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Aug 12 2007

Although many assume working on the net and reading about SEO and SEM all day is just a ball of fun; they are wrong. This is a tough industry to work in. You either keep up and know your stuff or look like a moron. Additionally, there is a TON of pressure when your clients […]

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