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Sep 17 2007

I just had a conversation with my dad regarding his business and local search. My dad has been in the car business for over 30 years and he still personally reviews all the data to determine what works and what hurts the dealerships. He said that local search has not been beneficial at all. In fact, […]

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Sep 10 2007

Social Media Optimization (SMO) provides several bonuses. Social media resources can provide great link popularity, bring in many more visitors/readers and, more importantly, promote your business in a massive way! If you use social media outlets effectively you can advertise your business and reach people you would have never had an opportunity to reach before. […]

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Sep 09 2007

What does Universal Search Mean? Well, it means that when you search on Google you will now see things such as videos, news, products and images in the search results. Why is this important? Understanding Universal Search is VERY important, because you can now show up in search results for keyword phrases in a variety […]

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Aug 31 2007

Why You Still Need to Be concerned with Bandwidth and Download Speeds Michael Gray Does Google Know Too Much? GTD for Bloggers- The Art of Stress-Free Blogging seo in a web 2.0 startup world – Vanessa Fox When Bad News Follows You Aggressively Seeking Links: How Much Is Too Much? The Promise & Reality Of Mixing […]

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Aug 28 2007

If you are new to the web game you need to understand that without SEO, Search Engine Optimization, you have very little chance of doing well in the SERPs. SEO use to be about keywords, but now businesses need to be concerned with local search, universal search, web 2.0, having a properly optimized web site […]

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Aug 24 2007

Putting Your Small Business On The Map The SEO Reputation Problem  Top 500 Search Engine Keywords Of The Week SES, San Jose 2007: Issues In Analytics Four Reasons Why You Should Never Use Google AdWords’ Pre-Pay Option Search Engine Optimization For Yahoo Yahoo Surfers Spend More A Tale of Two City Guides SES San Jose: […]

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Aug 23 2007

I have been a bit busy this week, but have been trying to keep up on all the SES news I can. I think that the tools Christine Churchill of KeyRelevance discussed are important. Keyword research tools – Wordtracker Keyword Discovery Google Keyword Tool Yahoo/Overture Keyword Tool Nichebot Miva Keyword Generator Tool MSN adCenter Tools Vivisimo, […]

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Aug 22 2007

I will be at the funeral today. This is all I have time for…great information at SERT. Successful Site Architecture Landing Page Testing & Tuning Are Paid Links Evil? Fun with Dynamic Web Sites Advertising Track: Search Ad Buyers Forum Video Search Optimization Search Engines On Click Fraud Creating Compelling Ads Converting Visitors Into Buyers […]

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Aug 21 2007

Searcher Behavior Research Update – great info about moms Search Engine Friendly Design- Some great info for beginners or those that are starting the process of obtaining a web site for their business. Contextual Ads & AdSense Clinic- learn by example Advanced Paid Search Techniques- What are the steps? Search Advertising 101 Benchmarking An SEM Campaign- […]

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Aug 17 2007

  Search Engine Optimisation-friendly Design in a Web 2.0 World- Lisa Barone SEO being under-utilized by large online retailers SEO is More Important Than Ever Melissa-SEOAware.com      

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