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Dec 27 2011

Google’s Matt Cutts discusses a very common myth I hear often, which is that if you pay for AdWords your site will do better in the rankings.

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May 15 2011

Google’s Matt Cutts answers a very interesting question about what a website owner can do when a third party is building spammy links to their site.

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May 02 2011

Google’s Matt Cutts answers this questions and give some great tips on what you can do.

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Sep 02 2010

The comments on this topic on YouTube are very interesting. Google gives interesting answers….

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Aug 22 2010

Please watch and listen to Matt Cutts response and suggestions. Robots.txt should not be used to try and optimize or manipulate google’s crawl.

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Aug 09 2010

Google’s Matt Cutts Answers.

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Jul 24 2010

Getting it Right –

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Mar 16 2010

At what level is nofollow honored?

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Nov 20 2009

Google’s Matt Cutts answers this question. I think this is very important for Realtors to pay attention. Many of them tell me often that they insist that any news articles about them must be linked to. Here is information from Google…

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Nov 19 2009

Here is a video by Go0gle’s Matt Cutts discussing this issue. We think it would be informative for those that are just discovering what SEO can do for their websites.

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