4 responses to “What is Anchor Text?”

  1. raden

    Anchor texts are very important if your target is to place your website on top of search engine with specific keywords. For me, it’s better to use same anchor texts every time you advertise in forums, message groups, and in link exchange sites. The more that anchor text appear, the bigger the chance you get high SERP.

  2. Sabin

    Very useful article. Hope to read more on SEO in near future.

    If you could help me, my site had very good ranking in google and yahoo. But it started falling down from its position after some months. What should I do?

  3. Ebooks Self-Help

    Thanks for the tips. I can see now that anchor text has strong validity from reading many articles.

  4. William Lew

    Your explanation on Anchor Text is really excellent and easy to understand. Please visit my website and kindly advise what best Keywords I should use for my anchor text or hyperlink.

    Thanks again for your clear discription.

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