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  1. Paul

    -Consider switching to Sprint SERO – its a cell phone plan with very cheap phones (without rebates), unlimited data, text messaging, and 500 mins of talk time for $30.

    -Use Skype for a second phone line – $30 a year for unlimited outgoing calls, $60 a year for unlimited incoming calls and voicemail.

    -Browse fatwallet.com/forums for more savings, such as free (after rebate) printers and office supplies. Someone there even posted about getting a free after rebate Dual-core laptop at Staples.

    -Use press releases to supplement and enhance your advertising. If you’re not sure about how to do it right, be very careful, and trust a freelancer (such as donotgoquietly.com) to do it the right way for you!

  2. Zahir

    Try joining a car pool club if you ever have one in your area. Or if theres none then create your own. I almost always go to work at the same time. Same thing when its time to go home so car pooling is for me and it saves me more than two thirds of what I’m use to paying for my gas and thats hundreds of dollars right there in a month.

    Always check for rebates and promos. You can always wait for a promo for the LCD TV you are dying to get or check ebay for bargains. Right now live search and ebay has a cashback promo of up to 35% off. So now is the time for getting that Digital SLR Canon camera you’ve always wanted.

    Use alternative means of communications. Instead of calling on your cell phone, just email or send a message through YM or MSN to the person if the message can wait and not that important. Use phone card like Onesuite for your long distance needs and if you can live with out your landline then you can also use Onesuite voip for only $2.95 a month, thats another hundreds of dollars savings for a year.

    Always unplug your appliances when not in use. Study found out that up to a 3rd of electricity is being use even if the appliance like TV is off but plugged.

    Turn off unnecessary lights in your office or in your house. This alone could potentially save you a lot and at the same time good for the environment.

  3. X3

    Using free and open source software applications is a great way to save money on small office/home office expenses. DealDogs.net has an interesrting article entitled “FreeOffice: 10 Great Free Apps For Instant Office Productivity” that reviews ten no-cost applications that work great. This is the article link here which provides descriptions, links and videos about each application, from a word processing ofice suite to free faxing.

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