12 responses to “13 Signs That You Are A Blogging Addict by SEOAware.com”

  1. Emma

    So true. Great blog. I subscribed, I need to be a little more SEO Aware. Thanks

  2. tejvan

    Hi, I liked this post; but I hope I don’t start dreaming of blog statistics! agree this is a good site.


  3. Leonid Shalimov

    Hey, first off, great site :). I love the clean design. Anyway, #6 and #8 are definitely a hit home for me, I’m always on my laptop, writing writing and writing some more.

    Great list there :). Cheers.

  4. CristianR

    I would like , if possible , to add my own contribution to the list 😀 . This could possibly fit between #2 and #3 .

    You have a piece of paper and pencil under your pillow just in case an idea pops in your head .
    Your dream woman is a blogger for sure and she has a big PR .

    P.S : Thank you for the Stumble Melissa , this is really a nice blog and I like it .

  5. CristianR

    They were only jokes 🙂 I didn’t expect for you to add them to the list 🙂 . The poking in the eye at night actually depends on what kind of sleep you have , I for one wake up in the morning in the same spot I fell asleep .
    What about the mom thing ? I didn’t say anything about that

  6. CristianR

    Oh :)) That’s really funny . I didn’t think of it that way . So .. I guess I’ll have to be really careful with my pencils huh ?

    Nice list 🙂 Btw , I read one of your most recent posts about stumbling , I’m experiencing the stumble effect as I’m writing this 🙂

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