3 responses to “SEOAware Sphinn Experiment- Sphinn VS. StumbleUpon”

  1. DazzlinDonna

    StumbleUpon is much much better for my DD blog than Sphinn could ever be, but that’s because it targets a wider audience. I’ve been getting thousands of visitors daily from SU over the last few weeks because one article did well there. A great Sphinn day on my SO Scoop blog would be a couple hundred, which would probably trickle down considerably in 24-48 hours. But for SEO traffic, Sphinn is definitely great. Nicely targeted. 🙂

    If you decide to create a non-SEO-focused blog later on, give SU another try. You might be pleasantly shocked.

  2. Darren McLaughlin

    Stumble is pretty straight forward. I suddenly started getting decent traffic from them, and I barely ever used the service.

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