4 responses to “SEOs, SEMs & Anyone Else Working On the Net- Physical & Mental Health Tips”

  1. Blog Money

    This is a really great post, something that I’m very much interested in. I never really thought about the lateral thigh trainer but i too am a punching bag fan.

  2. derek

    Thanks for stopping by my site and mentioning this article. You’ve got some great tips here and we share a similarity in that I love to crank the Metallica when I am working out. For me it is usually that or Henry Rollins.

  3. admin

    Is Metallica cool anymore? 😉 Am I showing my age?

  4. corporate awards

    it is true physical exercise gives u mental
    relax & reduce stress .even I work on system more than 5 hour in day from a long time I was feeling so much stressful .but now after doing exercise I feel much better

    corporate awards

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