21 responses to “Do You Need to Feature Your Personal Picture in Social Media? Opinions?”

  1. Patricia Skinner

    Hi Melissa. I can certainly understand your concerns, but i feel that these days being seen on the Web is just like being seen in the street. Having an actual picture can certainly lend extra credibility. 🙂

  2. admin

    That is true Patricia. I am considering my options. I really appreciate your opinion.

  3. Sebastian

    An somewhat unique graphic in a signal color is easier to spot and remember. You define and strengthen your creditability by contributions, not by photos. Only my IM buddies can see my actual picture. This theory may be totally flawed, I really don’t know.

  4. Lela

    Well that depends… if you’re attractive it might help your business. What if you just changed your real name to an alias? For example Lisa… wouldn’t that be better? It’s like you’re afraid to be who you really are… unless you’re worried about your competition or if you’ve stolen ideas off someone and you don’t want them to recognize you.

  5. admin

    Sebastian, I agree with you. I always recognize you no matter where I am. After reading your post I think I might just make a custom graphic.


    Lela, I am not afraid to be who I really am, I am just concerned for security reasons. I think when you work in the mental health field and you see the kinds of things that happen to people you become more cautious. There is always a risk in having your photo or your families photos on the net. Whenever clients want to put family pics up I also suggest that they don’t.

  6. admin
  7. Sujan Patel - SEO Blog

    From my experience using a catch picture as your avatar helps you drasticly. Great Post

  8. Mani

    Indeed there are two options here.

    1 – Be a professional – Show your pic.
    2 – Be casual about it – Hide.

    I think if you are serious about things, let the world know who are you.

    Good topic to be blogging about.


  9. feve

    i understand. for a very long time i didn’t want to share my picture or my name. i’m happy being known as Feve. then i got my camcorder for experimenting…. now, i’ve released a few pictures, but i still would rather brand my avatar.

  10. deregular

    Interesting question.
    I think its abit of either or neither. Those who know me well enough, know who I really am. Im also not difficult to find.
    On the other hand, Ive used my nick for so long now that when making public posts on forums and blogging and such, many, specially those who I havent yet had direct contact with, would probably recognize my nick and avatar more than my real name and photo.
    Another little advantage is that people seem to be intrigued by nicks and avatars.
    When they do finally know who you really are, it gives a more personalized experience, as they feel they know a little secret about you.

  11. admin

    You all make great points.

    Deregular, I think you are right. I find myself checking sites out because of the avatar…great point.

  12. admin

    There is a discussion over at Sphinn over this question. You can check it out here http://sphinn.com/story.php?id=3001

  13. Ben Yoskovitz

    I use my own picture – I am my own brand.

    Having said that, I can see the advantage of creating a custom avatar designed to improve clickthroughs vs. the myriad of other faces we see out there.

    On my blog though, I’m not concerned with using my name and face.

    There are plenty of crazies, and I’ve had at least one really bad / freaky experience, but I am my brand.

  14. admin

    Ben, did you write about it? If so, leave the link. I think people need to think about it.

  15. CarrieHill

    I commented over at sphinn and I’ll comment here too –
    I think a name is the most important – especially if you’re participating in part to brand yourself and network. I love going to a conference and having people recognize me by my name on my badge – it makes me feel important and it’s a great ice breaker.

    Someday I will probably be my own boss, and by starting now with my name, and everyone who reads my stuff seeing it – I’m already building the “brand” I’ll have to hang my hat on. 😉

    If I was hiding from bad press online – I’d use a nick!

    The photo on the other hand – I should do better with this but I hate being photographed – so that’s probably not going to happen very soon.

  16. admin

    Carrie, I use my real name, which I hope people will recognize.

    I even have SEOAware.com polos and t-shirts 🙂 Now that is a Christmas gift my family is going to love to get 😉

  17. Carrie Hill

    My boss tries to make me wear “Blizz-Wear” but it’s wayy too manly for me. I’m not a navy blue polo shirt kinda girl. Now have a Louis Vuitton bag embroidered or a great top that’s made for a girl (pink of course) and I’m there 😉

  18. admin

    Oh Carrie, You and I could get along! I am a Louis Vuitton addict! I love them! I love http://www.eluxury.com. I need to make more money before I buy anything else 🙂

    I am a pastel girl (well, and black, but who doesn’t). 🙂

  19. Les Bain

    Is there is a middle ground on avatars between personal pictures and Yoda. Personal pictures can be a safety issue. Yoda looks too fanciful. What about a logo, company picture, product picture, or service offering graphic?

  20. Luxury

    I totally with Sebastian. Your worth in your field of work does not solely depend on the images you post but the quality of your contributions. Although putting a face on the name does help but it doesn’t make sense to me when you have the option not to.

  21. Ja-Nae

    I am a firm believer that transparency is key. People connect to other people, so have your picture out there can make all the difference.



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