4 responses to “StumbleUpon Report by SEO Aware :-)”

  1. SEO Cornwall

    HI Melissa, I think I friended you. If you are Melissaf? Put a link to your stumble account on your blog somewhere, it makes it easier for people to friend you.

    Actually I need to do this myself, I put it in the odd post but it’s best in the sidebar, also throwing a bit of linklove at your account means it will get a little google juice.

    Thanks for the link, I subscribed to your blog.

  2. admin

    I am Melissaf! Thanks for the info. I will add a link and thanks for subscribing. You are on my iGoogle hoome page 🙂

  3. Costa

    Yes! I can’t thank you enough for your stumbles!!

    and Cornwall too! He too stumbled me.

  4. PDB

    I’m pretty new to Stumble and was a bit skeptical when it was suggested I add the tool bar to my browser. Didn’t quite get the idea behind the service… but then I started to use it and I’m hooked. I love clicking the stumble button and ending up on sites like this. Really does open up the web.


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