One response to “Am I the Only One That Can’t Do Sponsored Reviews???”

  1. feve

    you’re not alone, but i’ve taken a few and i will take more. it’s an interesting industry, when you observe it from both the publisher and advertising point of view.

    one thing i notice is, there are many “clean blog designs” without a single advertisement, affiliate banner, or sponsored link on the entire site, yet they continue to crank out paid reviews.

    point? most blogs are going to get lost in the sea of the unread, which means most common people who are bloggers won’t ever see the day when they have 1000 subscribers and 7000 page views per day. however, the common blogger can produce $300 per month without every breaking 1,000,000 in the natural Alexa ranking, or without climbing above Technorati authority 25.

    truth is, as an advertiser who runs different campaigns for different things, i’ve seen repeat customers. in fact, many times when i create a new campaign i now hope that certain bloggers grab the opportunity. these bloggers are average everyday people who in the grad design of things, are lost and never to be found. but, they earn enough to pay their electric bill, gas bill, or whatever.

    anyway.. heh just thought i’d share

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