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  1. light

    I think we are so hold our judgments and pray for both of these boys and thier families. Pray for Nick becouse he is a 17 year old kid that made a really stupid choice that ended up in an accident lets remember that it was a accident I think he is going through quite a bit of pain and stress everytime in goes to the hospital and looks at John he knows that he put him in that bed accident or not I tryely hope that John can recover from this stupid accident for his sake the sake of his family for the sake of the Hogan and yes for Nicks sake he will have to carry this with him for the rest of his life hopefully his friend will recover and he doesnt have to carry a more tragic situation with him for life I truely believe it was a poor poor choice on Nicks part but also truely believe it was an accident.

  2. Fred

    People (including Melissa Fach) continue play the violin of sympathy for Nick Hogan. It’s just because the guy is a celebrity, and it’s sickening. Nick deserves no sympathy whatsoever. If he cracks under the media scrutiny, then so be it. He’s benefitted for years from the same scrutiny. The press shouldn’t back off now. Nick Hogan deserves no consideration. Neither does his family.

    Our focus really should be on John Graziano and John’s family. I heard that Edward Graziano (John’s father) just got arrested for a domestic disturbance involving other family members. I feel bad for the stress Mr. Graziano is enduring, and I feel bad for John and the rest of that family.

    I do not feel bad for Nick. It’s amazing that Edward Graziano is in jail right now, and the f__n idiot who put Mr. Graziano’s son in this condition is still walking around free. So are the two idiot highway patrol guys who laughingly let Nick off when they got him going over 100mph. It floors the imagination. Melissa is right about one thing: if Nick Hogan had been Joe Schmoe (with that crappy driving record) he would have had his license yanked a long time ago. Justifiably so.

    Let’s get the focus off the bottom-feeding “celebs” and focus on the people who are actually paying for this recklessness. Continued thoughts and prayers for JOHN GRAZIANO AND JOHN’S FAMILY.

  3. admin

    Fred, I don’t think I said anything about nick that resembles playing a violin for him. What I said is that he is a child and that child is not completely responsible for what happened.

    His parents saw him get ticket after ticket and sent him out to drive again. Therefore, in my opinion, they were condoning the behavior. It is sad, but they are partially responsible. Parents of teenagers know they make bad decisions and it is our job to ensure they behave in a manner that will not harm others.

    Also, I discussed the media and nick because nick is a child. I would say the same thing if he wasn’t a celebrity. The press/media can be ruthless and they should back off a bit. If he was tempted to hurt himself and did the press would be dancing around thrilled with another story…that part of the media makes me sick.

    I feel bad for nick in only one way; he will pay for the rest of his life for this accident and the truth is the courts and his parents could have prevented this. He will pay, John Graziano will sure as hell pay and I am sure his parents will pay…wouldn’t it have just been easier to take away his license????

  4. mickster

    I agree that it appears and is easily assumed dropped the ball on curbing Nick’s dangerous driving habits.

    BUT I also think if one takes a look at John Graziano’s (an admitted racer) driving record just for Pinellas County thats littered with speeding and careless driving tickets — it could also be that Terry and Linda were diligent with Nick’s driving behavior but failed to take into account that the influence of those around him rendered their attempts useless.

    Especially as I believe, due to Nick and John’s age difference and length of friendship, it could be properly assumed that it was Nick’s experience riding with older drivers such as John Graziano, prior to gaining his own license, led him to not only believe dangerous driving was acceptable but to get addicted to the adrenaline rush he received from being exposed to it.

  5. mickster

    Further, I also believe that from John Graziano’s driving record it could also be deduced that at the very least, and knowing full well the dangers, he was a willing participate and possibly even more the primary instigator in their wild driver on the night of crash.

    And therefore was most likely an accessory not an innocent passenger. The driver of the second car involved was from there same circle of fast driving friends. To claim only Nick should ‘pay’ or be of guilt is extremely short-sighted and is largely unsupported by the facts and circumstances surrounding the wreck and their friendship.

    If the conversation prior went something like this–

    John: Come on, if his Viper beats your Supra off the line we’ll never hear the end of it.
    Nick: My Dad’ll be pissed if I get another ticket.
    John: No cops are ever around here, this sucker will hitt 100 in less than 15 seconds and then it’s over.
    Nick: I don’t know, man…
    John: Don’t tell me I survived Iraq to come back to Nick Hogan becoming a wuss.
    Nick: Fine!

    Would you still find Nick Bollea to be the one and only person that should burn at the stake?

  6. IcetbikettirL

    Nothing seems to be easier than seeing someone whom you can help but not helping.
    I suggest we start giving it a try. Give love to the ones that need it.
    God will appreciate it.

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