5 responses to “A Little Blogging Experiment”

  1. derek

    Great idea and good job on the increase in visitors and subscribers as a result of this blogging experiment.

  2. admin

    Thanks, Derek.

  3. Costa

    Yes, I can emphatise with that. Last month I posted a question on the Internet Hoax about seeing 2 moons on August 27 in one of my blogs. I was so surprised that so many believed in it that I got more than 12,000 hits for that article.

  4. alan

    It certainly is an interesting idea. However, do you think it might anger those that view your blog for its intended subject matter?

  5. admin

    Alan, sorry it took so long to respond. I am not sure if it angers them or not. I hope not. I do think it is clear that all bloggers have personalities and opinions. I like to see another side of them from time to time.

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