4 responses to “In Response to Cornwall SEO’s Post About Digg”

  1. Costa

    Good Points. I certainly do share your sentiments. I have been “fooled” too many a times.

  2. admin

    Costa, I wasn’t sure if I would tick anyone off by discussing it. Digg may be jerking some folks around, but they also might be trying to fix a flawed system.

    Randfish discussed this same issue- http://www.seomoz.org/blog/social-media-manipulation-runs-rampant on 8-15-07.

    Some people do deserve to get to the first page and are not making it for reasons that may not be fair at all. There are a lot that are making it that shouldn’t be there. At this point I think the system is COMPLETELY flawed. It will take some time to fix it and try to avoid manipulative techniques. At the same time, ordinary people that write fantastic articles deserve a shot at the first page. They shouldn’t have to waste their time spending months on the Internet trying to meet a 1,000 people to Digg their articles.

  3. ob81

    Very good write up. It only makes sense to devalue friend votes to a certain extent. You hit it on the head though. Having no friends at all is the best bet. Thats why you see certain stories go front page with like 50ish diggs. It is hard being seen as a lonely soul on a million user network though 😀

  4. admin

    ob81, you are right and that was a great comment on his blog. I think it gives us all something to think about.

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