5 responses to “Forget About Celebrities, Blog About Cornwall!”

  1. Lyndon Antcliff

    It must be ex girlfriends trying to track me down.

    Hey, thanks for mentioning me. One thing worse than being talked about and that’s not being talked about.

    As for stats, yesterday I had 2599 uniques, which is not bad, so far today it’s only 720, but I think that was because stumble was down for ages, plus it’s only half way through the day yet.

    I think talking about any popular person in the space will get attention and it doesn’t always have to be positive 😉

  2. admin

    Very funny on the girlfriends!

    I wish I had more popular people to talk about 🙂

  3. mobi

    Your site is very interesting. Lots of cool widgets and such. I’m not a copycat. I’m just chatting with folks on mobile phones a lot.

  4. costa

    I have tried visitor luring by mentioning some big names, bit none got as much attention as you. 🙂

  5. admin

    Cost, I am stilling getting anywhere from 170-350 visitors a day visiting that post. What the heck?

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