2 responses to “A Web Site Is An Extremely Affordable Way to Advertise & Web Sites Are Affordable”

  1. John

    Hey Melissa, don’t underestimate local search for local businesses – look at http://www.google.com/search?q=restaurant+sarasota , what’s on top? A local search one-box. It doesn’t take much to leverage that, local search is great to attract in-store traffic.

  2. David

    One thing we often find at my company THAT Agency are business owners that have been led to believe that simply by throwing up a site amazing sales will happen. Obviously false. Like any business, the internet needs marketing. The great thing is that the internet offers the most cost effective marketing we may have ever seen, with the ability to capture an amazingly targeted audience for pennies on the marketing dollar.

    One thing I would say when business build a website, they need to realize it is their virtual storefront. Do you want your storefront to be like the flea market or an upscale shopping plaza? Saving a few bucks on design and development can really hurt any future business you strive to do.

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