6 responses to “The Tough Parts and the Great Parts of Being An SEO”

  1. Todd Mintz

    Thanks for the hat-tip and congrats on your success!

  2. Jeff Quipp

    Wow … what a great post Melissa! I am really happy to hear about your success … maybe we all should post about our successes more often. Its so motivating and inspirational.

    Thanks for the acknowledgement too. Its nice to know someone really reads my stuff (other than my wife who graciously appeases me on occasion).

    Save me some waterfront down there … beside Tim and Faith pls 🙂

  3. Chris Winfield

    “I have finally reached the level of success I dreamed about for a longtime”

    Great to hear Melissa!

  4. Matt McGee

    This was one of the most enjoyable posts I’ve read of late. Congrats on your success, Melissa. 🙂

  5. mary allen

    i also work in real estate but i live on the east coast of florida and it’s the same deal with waterfront real estate. other than the wealthy….the market has tanked over here. still selling the 2 mil & up but the avg $300,000 home could sit forever.

    we’ve got alan jackson and you’ve got tim & faith. i guess nashville is nice but they all need a getaway where they can kick back and enjoy the florida lifestyle. so where did the mcgraw’s buy? are they building on an empty lot or did they buy a huge existing home? alan jackson is on a very exclusive private island called ‘jupiter island’…..
    continued good luck

  6. admin

    Todd, thank you.

    Jeff :-). Thanks and I would save you some waterfront property, but I am not that successful 🙂 I didn’t know if I was an idiot for writing my thoughts or not, so to hear it is motivating is shocking to me! Thanks for writing. I love reading everything you say.

    Chris, thanks and you too need to keep writing. Your avatar pic always cheers me up.

    Matt, wow, thanks. You know how I feel about your writing and opinions. I always love reading your thoughts.

    Mary, Tim ate at my best friends Sushi restaurant, Pacific Rim, and discussed why he bought here, but of course would not say where 🙂 . As with your coast, $2 mil and up is still selling here. The rich just keeping getting richer so I guess they can afford to do anything they want. I may stop by Jupiter Island sometime 🙂

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