8 responses to “Some Thoughts on SEO Ethics by Matt McGee, Michael Gray, Jeff Quipp, Jim Hedger and More”

  1. Zak Nicola

    Excellent post Melissa. Really enjoyed reading what some of the industry leaders have to say on the topic.

  2. Barry Welford

    This was an interesting exercise, Melissa: thanks for including me. Unlike most of the others, I only listed the five problems, without giving ‘solutions’. However in all cases, I think the answers to these ethical questions are almost self-evident. If you follow the policy, “Do unto others as you would they would do unto you”, then you won’t go too far wrong.

  3. admin

    Thanks Zak and Barry your answers were great. I think you are right about questions being self-evident, but there are those that just don’t get it.

  4. Jeff

    Seriously, I’m sick of hearing about ethics and standards in SEO. If half the effort that is put into pointless articles and blog posts was put into something constructive like flying a kite or learning yoga the world be a much less annoying place.

  5. Internet Marketing Joy

    This is nice post! very interesting and informative!

  6. admin

    Jeff, it is a sad fact that many people are unconcerned with SEO ethics. There are many companies and small businesses being ripped off. The point of the article was to show those that may be new to the industry that they need to be concerned with ethics, not just a pay check.

  7. admin

    Thanks Internet Marketing Joy 🙂

  8. sam murray

    The discussion of morals, principles and ethics within the SEO world is comparable to a heated discussion concerning religion or politics: there will always be more than two perspectives and therefore two sides. Very informative article and nice to get an insight into peoples different view points. I should of read this before i wrote my recent blogpost on SEO Ethics over at my blog.


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