3 responses to “I played with Cuil like everyone else, so far it is a big disappointment”

  1. Doug Heil

    I totally agree. I’ve been playing with it as well. I am quite shocked and very disappointed as most all terms I searched, the results sucked eggs big time. I mean really sucked.

    Not only that; on the term search engine optimization consultants, the category thang on the right produced the EXACT same names as in wikipedia. LOL Talk about unique content? What a joke.

    I tried searching for long tale stuff as well. It’s interesting they decided to stick in many pages from the same damn site in the top ten results. I tried many phrases and they don’t seem to care how many pages come from the same site.

    I could go on and on and on. They have had plenty of time with this. It’s hard to believe they won’t even compete with meta search engines the way things stand right now.

    It was just awful. No words can describe my thoughts correctly.

  2. Matt Keegan

    When the search engine results page works (and retrieves relevant results) I like the magazine layout and the inclusion of photographs. Will I quit using Google? No, but it would be nice if Cuil eventually becomes a nice supplement to Google search.

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