6 responses to “Why I Love GoDaddy’s Website Tonight- You Can Have a VERY Affordable Web Site”

  1. Tony

    Here are some promo codes for Godaddy:

    CHH 1 = 10% of any order also works great with webmail and renewals.
    CHH 2 = $5 off $30 purchase or more. Works great with .Me extensions
    CHH 3 = Gets you a .com domain for $6.95 yr. Works great with renewals

    Use CHH 3 to renew your domains now and save over 30%!!!!!



  2. Carlos

    I was googling where to put google analytics when I ran across your site. I agree website tonight certainly makes one’s life eaiser. I just stood up http://www.ubermotorcars.com using wst. I have no experience with this stuff. Would appreciate your feedback on how to improve it.


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