4 responses to “Oh, the Lovely Client…Some Ideas On How to Get Along with Your Web-Services Provider”

  1. Sande Caplin

    Bravo! Melissa, this is a great Blog Story. I can’t believe that you are just now starting to get deposits to start work…..good for you. We have been doing it for a very very long time. Keep up your great work. Sande

  2. Julia

    I absolutely love these type of posts about our clients – thank you for the post.
    It would be great when signing the agreement with the client that they read more posts like these.
    My favorite is “I know what I what” (regarding design), but during the process they are using up your time searching for what they want. Or based on their experiences, they are going to micro-manage and direct the process for you.
    Need more of these – nice

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