6 responses to “Is CNN Biased In This Presidential Race? I have been watching and testing…”

  1. Lester

    Great article, I was wondering this myself. I have also submitted a few comments on McCain and they never came up. What is amazing about CNN is that it is very obvious they are doing this and I’m sure they are aware of this. I now only go to see CNN after the debates to see what opinions they have on McCain. I now truly believe that this election has brought out the true colors of CNN.

  2. mike

    I would suggest you was cnbc for all your news. I know, crazy right? but the internet is a fair bettter news source than any of the network cable shows, save maybe that of cnbc.

    The markets have the balls to say what’s on their minds and im finding that so do their hosts.

  3. Miriam Storie

    Wow- what an understatement! The only place to go if you are even REMOTELY Republican is Fox News- and Obama was crying because Fox was supposedly not being fair to him in the numbers race~

  4. Feedback Secrets

    My complements on a really great idea for an experiment! I don’t know what kind of response you got from this post in terms of views, but I hope it was huge!

    A post that asks tough questions and investigates how things actually function is well appreciated.

  5. Lou

    I did the same thing and they didn’t publish my comments either!!!….they present a story and the Larry King blog only writes comments from the side that Larry/or the Station is on…i tried to write a few comments, Never a nasty tone or profanity,just an opposing opinion and they are never published!!….thats definitly censorship!!

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