The SEO Aware “Let’s Do More For Our Troops Initiative”

Posted by Melissa in Blog Business on February 7, 2009

I have many clients from many industries. The truth is no matter what the industry there is something we can multi-serviceall do to help our troops and their families. None of us could enjoy our businesses, our children, our lives or even something as simple as going to a movie without our troops providing us the freedom to do so.

I am encouraging all my clients to do something for a member of our U.S. military. This could mean doing something for a soldier’s loved ones while they are gone or doing something for the soldier.

I plan on kicking this initiative off by providing a site for a soldier or for their spouse who is trying to run a business in this tough economy. How I am going to find the right soldier I am not sure. Email me and let me know about a family who has a member in the military. Maybe you know a family that lost a soldier and are struggling to keep going. They may have a business that could use a site or a better site. Perhaps with some optimization we could help them bring in more money and if they could worry less about money we can reduce some worries.

I am encouraging all businesses to think about something they could do. I also want to encourage every family to think about something nice you could do for a military family that lives on your street. They don’t make a lot of money, but without their sacrifice you would have nothing. Make them some cookies, help fix up something at their house or get them a gift card at a local grocery store. Don’t break your budget, just do something nice. If we all tried to just do something small our military members and their families would be cared for properly.

We all have skills, let’s use them to give back to those that give us our freedom. If we all did something, even if it was small, we could pay them back for all they do for us. By chipping in your are essentially voting for better treatment of those that protect us all.

Let us know what you have done and we will post it on here.

Melissa Fach- SEO Aware, Sarasota, Florida

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