Huffington Post -Fundrace; What People Donated and Where They Live

Posted by Melissa in Blog Business on June 9, 2009

Tip- Next time you donate in a Presidential election don’t use your home address!

Sarasota SEOSo, I was doing my little client search thing today and came across something interesting. My client donated in the recent Presidential election and their donation amount, who they donated to and their home address is online. I thought it was everyone’s goal to avoid getting their home address published on the net. It is a risk and a legal risk I think Huffington may want to think about. I know that people can get this information and this isn’t the only place to find it, but I still think people have a right to donate without putting themselves at risk.

So, I wanted to at least inform some of you that your home address is out there. Handle it anyway you wish, but notice that some people avoided any address showing up. I recommend doing that.

Melissa Fach – the Internet Safety Chic 😉

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