More Members of Our Team Means More Services

Posted by Melissa in Blog Business on August 2, 2009

SEO Aware has done pretty darn well this past year. I have always stated that the SEO is what I love and what I want to focus on, but clients needed more services. We now have more team members and more services for you. In case you were not aware we are going to summarize the new services we have offered for the last 6 months that have not been on the site and a few more.

  • PPC
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Optimization and Marketing
  • Blog Set-up
  • Blog Customization
  • Blog Optimization
  • Blog Writing
  • Graphic Design for Print Advertising

Training Services:

I have been very careful choosing people that will work for SEO Aware.  Integrity and knowledge are crucial and I feel we have a very dynamic team in place that can offer our current and potential clients everything they need. Jeff, Scott, Joe and Jonathan are hard workers and good people. New pages will be added to the site soon and announcements on our expansion will be coming soon.

Melissa- SEO Aware

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