Before You Pay for Cheap SEO Read This Article…

Posted by Melissa in Article Recommendations on August 4, 2009

Aaron Wall at wrote Why 99%+ of Flat Rate SEO Services Are a Scam.

Companies that provide real SEO are always interested in educating others on companies that are just there to rip you off. I look at SEO proposals and contracts all the time and it is really sad. Clients paying $900 a month for weekly search engine submissions…lies about work performed…services that really are not services. It just is not right. So if you wonder why we talk about it so much on this blog please know it is because whether you hire us or not, we want you to avoid throwing money away…or feeding it to the sharks.

Here is another great article by Marty Weintraub –   SEO Predators: Willing to Deceive For Business
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