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Sarasota Medical Internet Marketing and SEO

Sarasota Medical Internet Marketing and SEO

On the weekends I google and I google A LOT! I like to see what has changed in my geographic location and I like to see who is and who isn’t focused on Internet marketing and SEO. Doctors, Medical Groups, Clinics and service providers in Sarasota are not really focused on SEO, Internet Marketing or […]

Staff Member For Website Tonight Help

We average about 100 hits a day from people that need Website Tonight help. We have been slammed and unable to help the people that contact us, but now we have a new team member that can help you with Website Tonight problems. He can consult or show you how to make things work. If […]

Company steals content from many sites, makes money from adsense

I discovered that content and pictures were being stolen from our blog at As usual the email didn’t work. A phone number has a voicemail. After looking into somethings this is what I have found. Someone registering domains under “First House, Turtle Island, Hawaii 88888” has been registering domains. They then create sites and […]