Company steals content from many sites, makes money from adsense

Posted by Melissa in Blog Business on August 22, 2009

I discovered that content and pictures were being stolen from our blog at As usual the email didn’t work. A phone number has a voicemail. After looking into somethings this is what I have found.

Someone registering domains under “First House, Turtle Island, Hawaii 88888” has been registering domains. They then create sites and steal blog entries from other sites. The interesting part is that they have adsense and affiliate ads all over their sites, so they are making money doing this.

Whois shows:


First House
Turtle Island, Hawaii 8888
United States

Registered through Domains Priced Right
Domain Name:

Administrative Contact:
Cord, Strong
First House
Turtle Island, Hawaii 88888
United States
(509) 766-9991

Who I Contacted and Who You Should

I contacted StrongCord throught their ticket system because the phone number above doesn’t work. I doubt it will matter, but it is necessary. Keep a copy for your attorneys.

I also contacted adsense here which leads to the Google AdSense DMCA complaint form.

Contact the people you bought pictures from and tell them their pictures are being used illegally.

Contact your attorneys. This is illegal and you are entitled to be paid for each article used, each picture that was stolen and all the adsense money they received.

Melissa- SEO Aware

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