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Posted by Melissa in SEO on August 22, 2009

On the weekends I google and I google A LOT! I like to see what has changed in my geographic location and I like to see who is and who isn’t focused on Internet marketing and SEO.

Sarasota Medical SEO and Marketing FloridaDoctors, Medical Groups, Clinics and service providers in Sarasota are not really focused on SEO, Internet Marketing or Social Media Marketing from what I can tell. Example, Google Sarasota OBGYN results in one doctor’s site in the organic results. FYI, I don’t use google maps for doctors. I need to read something to start to trust.

Sarasota Cardiologist shows the local Heart Center and SMH, but no doctors.

Sarasota Pediatrician results in one organic doctor’s site.

Sarasota dermatologists and plastic surgeons are working on SEO to a point, but I only see one that is working really hard at it ;-). Some dentists are focusing on it, but some of their websites have some common errors we see that could make a big difference. Eye doctors are doing pretty well.

What is my point?

The same one I always have, all businesses should be focusing on SEO, Internet Marketing and conversion. As we know this economy isn’t helping any business, but you must really focus right now on marketing your business or practice. People are researching more than ever before they spend money and they need information. The Web is the best way to do that.

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