Great Business with a Bad Website; Does Your Website Push Away Prospective Employees?

Posted by Melissa in Blog Business on November 20, 2009

Optimize your site to attract good employees!Recently, I was providing email marketing training to a client’s employee. This employee was savvy in marketing techniques and fully grasped the importance of a good email marketing program.

I always discuss the importance of how a properly optimized website and a good email marketing program complement each other. This employee was not aware of search engine optimization (SEO). Therefore, I took the time to explain the importance of search engine optimization. I was shocked by the employee’s statement once he grasped the SEO concept.

“It took me over an hour to find their (his employer’s) website when I was interviewing for my job here. I almost decided not to accept the position since I couldn’t find their site.”

Not once have I ever considered not being able to attract good employees due to the inability of them finding your business website. Like a customer, an employee will take the time to research you on the Internet. If they can’t find you, there is a good chance they won’t continue to seek employment with you and/or your business.

People won’t work for you if they can’t find your website!Can Sarasota Employees find Your Business Website?

Think about this for a second. Not being able to find a business’s website can scare away potential customers AND employees. How scary is that? Employers already find it a struggle to attract, retain, nurture and sustain the best people. Your employees are your most important resource to making your business successful. Knowing that your website, or the inability to find your website, can prevent your business from attracting employees is horrifying.

What can you do to make sure your site helps attract prospective employees?

  • Optimize your website for search engines. Make sure it’s easy to find on the web. Why? A prospective employee has two job offers. Offer 1 is from a company that is easy to find on the web. Offer 2 is from a company that has no web presence. Unless you’re being hired as an SEO consultant, you’re more likely to take the offer from a company you can find on the web.
  • Ensure your website is attractive and easy to navigate. Just like a customer, your prospective employees may get turned off by a disorganized website.
  • Deliver your customer service promise on your website. Basically, employees want to work for a business that shares their same ethics and values.Sarasota optimized websites find employees!
  • Utilize pictures of current employees on your site. Having pictures of your current employees on your site does a couple of things. First, it shows prospective employees that you take pride in your current employees. Next, having employees on your website gives the appearance that you have a low employee turnover rate. Prospective employees want to know their next job will be a long term position. Lastly, being able to recognize faces will make transitioning into their new job a little easier.

Don’t let your website hinder you from hiring the best talented employees in your market. Make sure it’s easy to find and can welcome new employees!

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