10 responses to “Review Lenovo IdeaPad U450P – 33892GU”

  1. ????

    why did you choose Lenovo,Why not HP or Asus,their reputation now at best,also there is Acer and MSI which is high specs low money ?

  2. Kevin

    I’ve been looking at the Lenovo S12 with nVidia ION, Y450 with NVIDIA GeForce GT 240M, and the U450p with ATI Radeon HD4330. I just want to ask what made you choose the U450p over the other great IdeaPads from Lenovo? Also does the U450p get warm or hot at all?


  3. Asad

    Hey great review, I just purchased the exact same model recently. I just wanted to know if it comes with a webcam built in because it didnt say that on lenovo website under specs. I hope I’ll love it as much as you do right now.


  4. Stardots

    I also bought the same laptop. I am loving it. I fell in love with its look and specs. I was initially eyeing on Toshiba’s latest satellite but I didn’t like the keyboards and it didn’t have an optical drive!

    I wonder why many people don’t see Lenovo as a “popular” brand when in fact it is one of the top pc sellers in the world.

    So much for that, the important thing is that I am satisfied. Very satisfied. 🙂


  5. mcmatterson

    Have you had the opportunity to use it for long periods of time without plugging it in? Just bought one as well and am curious about the battery life. If it’s not too good I might cancel and get an Asus


  6. aw

    Did you consider the Y450? What made you choose the U450p vs. the Y450? These are both 14″ laptops.

  7. Peter James

    Thanks PC girl for your review, I already decided to buy the IdeaPad U450p – 33892GU but your review reassured me. This is the only CULV laptop (Consumer Ultra Low Voltage) in the marked that has a complete set of features. Asus uses a 0.3 MP webcam and has no Bluetooth, Acer has no switching graphics and the list just goes on…. I wish Lenovo used a 8 cell battery but try to get 6 hours out of other laptops that cost less that $1,000. This one is a no brainer… PS; I work with MACs for a living but I’m still a PC 😉

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