Is Google Adding a 3rd Column in the Search Results?

Posted by Melissa in Google on December 14, 2009

I have been seeing that my search results look a bit different than before. I recently got a new computer with Windows 7, so I thought it may just be my computer. I started talking with Jeff Brooks and he said he saw the same thing. So I looked at all my computers and I see the same thing everywhere. The sponsored results have moved to the left quite a bit and I now have a larger white space on the far right…almost looks like enough room to add a third column or maybe pics/videos. Who knows?  See the pictures below. The first is in IE, the second is in Firefox. If I have been working too much to read about a change let me know 🙂

google 3rd column IE

google 3rd column firefox

So what is up Google? We are going to post something other weird things we are seeing today…Call it Google Weird Day!


2 responses to “Is Google Adding a 3rd Column in the Search Results?”

  1. David Knott

    I have read nothing of the change, but you know they are up to something. Much in the way the change SERP from moment to moment or provide local natural results through ISP one time and not the next, they are great at measure usage pattern changes from their changes.
    I think video is still far too dangerous for them to integrate fully as it costs the PPC business too much revenue. Perhaps the real time integration of twitter? All up side for them if they can pull folks of twitter, right?
    Better yet is they are testing screen size to plan the best compromise between computers and mobile devices. Cutts put a major focus on mobile searching at the same time the Droid was released with Google OS. There is exponentially more mobile devices than computers and leading that charge will continue their domination to the future’s leading search platform.

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    David Knott

  2. Nick Stamoulis

    I did recently hear some chatter that Google would be changing the results page by adding a third column all the way to the left but not sure when that would roll out.

    Nick Stamoulis

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