One response to “Social Media is Not a Cure-All Solution”

  1. charles rinehart

    There are a lot of dumb people online. Look on craigslist for example. A lot of people are looking for more internet exposure for their website, but don’t want to pay. Good luck huh? A lot of people think social networks are the answer. Good luck huh? Their are only two effective ways to drive traffic to you. Links and search engines. More specifically Google. High page rank. Bottom line. It’s not rocket science. And a lot of websites don’t utilize videos and slideshows. The free traffic can blow your mind when you submit to YouTube, etc. Many people think having a website is all they need. Or a fancy one. Yeah right. They just don’t have a clue. And many are just too lazy to do a little research. Great blog. Great info. All the best.

    charles rinehart

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