Nothing Interesting On Your Site = No Traffic!

Posted by Melissa in Internet Marketing on February 8, 2010

I am not sure if I am getting too irritated or if this is just a difficult concept for people to understand. I have had like 10 conversations this week with people that do not understand that traffic is just that, traffic. It doesn’t mean that it is “quality” traffic- traffic that will convert to sales/money/income.

Without research, a marketing plan and goals beyond “getting more traffic”, you have absolutely nothing. You have to create something of interest for your visitors. Content, pictures and/or videos that offer something valuable to the reader are very important.

Traffic does not just magically appear and make you money. It takes a plan and a lot of work. There is no point in driving traffic to a site that has nothing to offer. They will come in fast and leave fast. An increase in numbers does nothing for you, except maybe stroke your ego. People also say to us “traffic will increase our rankings!” Really? Well, it can and it can’t. Good content that keeps driving in traffic that stays awhile and helps create incoming links can help increase your ranking. People that click in and click out in 2 seconds will not necessarily help your ranking. (FYI- Ranking depends on many things)

My Point…

My point is that if you want the traffic you have to create something of interest that will keep people coming in, keep them engaged and keep them coming back. You want visitors to recommend your information elsewhere on the web and hope to create incoming links. You want people to start to trust you enough to invest in your products and/or services. You want people to recommend what you offer to others. If you are not focused on everything I said in this paragraph your online priorities may need some revamping.

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  1. Lisa

    I am so loving your blog! Although sometimes difficult to come up with that fresh new outlook, finding your own voice helps tremendously!


  2. Melissa

    Thank you Lisa!

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