Is Adding a 100 Keywords to Your Footer a Good Idea?

Posted by Melissa in Business Tips on March 18, 2010

This is a recent question we received and let me be very, very clear when I say NO!!!!!

stuffSEO is not as simple as adding tons of keywords in places and hoping for the best. If there is a phrase you want to show up for there is much more than adding keywords. In short, there is research, planning, content development, SEO Copywriting and off-site optimization that needs to take place.

I know that you see almost every company you look at offering SEO, but it isn’t simple. It isn’t something you can study for awhile and then walk away and always be great at it. It is ever-changing.

For Those of You With 100’s of Keywords in Your Footer

Please be aware that your competition can submit a spam report to Google at any given time. The last thing you need is to be penalized or, even worse, removed from the index completely. If you want to do well for many words I suggest you contact a real SEO and ask them how to accomplish this.

If An SEO Company’s Portfolio Has Sites With 100’s of Keywords in the Footer…

I could say it is as simple as walk away, but after a recent experience I will say not to do that. Sometimes people will do things to sites without the SEO’s knowledge or after a business relationship has ended. What I would do is act enthusiastic about having 100’s of words in your footer and see how they react. If they say it is a great idea then you walk.

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