What I Learned About People at the Search and Social Summit

Posted by Melissa in Blog Business on May 15, 2010

I learned a lot in the sessions, but plenty of people have blogged about that. So, I am going to write about the people!

  • Loren Baker is a GIANT. Like super tall…really, really tall. (He is also a Star Wars fan, episodes 4, 5 and6)
  • Joe Hall, PowerpointIf you tell someone that Rae Hoffman a.k.a Sugerrae threatened to throw you in the pool and never did you will certainly get thrown in the pool.
  • Dave Synder’s wife is beautiful!
  • Aaron Chronister‘s wife Jenny sings better than anyone I have heard on the radio in the last ten years. Aaron was really fun and very honest about what men are really thinking when women ask men, “What are you thinking?”.
  • Joe Hall is not only super intelligent, but he is also a Star Wars fan! He is kind, accepting and he sucks at Powerpoint!
  • Michael Gray is does not have a snuggie in his house!  (I already knew he was a Star Wars fan, but wanted to mention it in case you didn’t know) 🙂
  • Todd Malicoat (Stuntduble), is funny whether he is drinking or not. He is also one of the nicest people I have met in this industry. He doesn’t need to be so polite to everyone, but he is. Todd rocks!
  • Chris Winfield is always smiling…always.
  • Tony Adam, so much to say! He is really nice, a great singer, a snazzy dresser and another person in this industry that didn’t act stuck up. In fact, no one at this conference did! He bought me a Strawberry Daiquiri. Thanks Tony!
  • David Szetela gives great advice, is extremely cool and plays the guitar. Again, someone else that had no reason to be so nice to me, but he was. He bought me a beer too!
  • Alan Bleiweiss is a Skittzo and Food at #SSSSvery nice guy and is not influenced to do crazy things by a bunch of drunk web geeks.
  • Ben Cook a.k.a @skitzzo is also very tall and very, very nice! He is as real as they come.
  • I am short. Like real short, but Jordan Kasteler’s wife is about my height!
  • Speaking of Jordan Kasteler He is an interesting dancer and very cool.
  • There are freaks that do nasty things in hotel pools while many web geeks are sitting around networking.
  • Brent Csutoras was very cool, but must have been very hot wearing jeans the whole time!
  • Dinners at the Search and Social Summit taste better than 80% of the restaurants I have been to lately (not really about a person, just saying!).
  • Neal Rodriguez is a true family man! Very nice and when drunk people come up to him doing really crazy stuff he just remains very polite!
  • Chris Boggs is another really nice person and is a former Marine! ooh-rah!
  • Jennifer Sable Lopez will bring shorts to Florida next time!
  • Samir Balwani, a very cool dude. Someone you should pay attention to!
  • Joshua Titsworth was super nice and great to tweet with during sessions!
  • Andrew Norcross – a very cool and smart guy. Has the prettiest tattoos I have ever seen.

Melissa Fach


11 responses to “What I Learned About People at the Search and Social Summit”

  1. Joe Hall

    Wow, and you Melissa are one of the sweetest folks I met at SSSS!

    Long Live The Wookies!

    Joe Hall

  2. Jenny Chronister

    Thanks Melissa! I agree, web kids are cooooool.

    I had lots of fun hanging out with you and your SEO “wife” even if he wouldn’t play in the pool with Rae and I.

    Jenny Chronister

  3. Alan Bleiweiss


    Apparently you weren’t around as Todd threw chairs in the pool. Three times.

    But even with that, he’s still a great guy. And I learned that week that in preparation for hurricanes, lots of hotel owners just throw their deck chairs in the pool. So either Todd was expecting a hurricane (in April?) or he was just “expressing” himself.

    Okay so the 3rd time he thew a chair in was, in all honesty, because I instigated it.


    Alan Bleiweiss

  4. Selena

    YES! Thao and I stalked Loren and asked how tall he really was. He is 6’5. IT’S OFFICIAL!


  5. Josh

    It was awesome to get to meet you Melissa and your SEO spouse. Looking forward to meeting you guys and the others again at the next show. My favorite part was probably seeing someone then ducking down *do I know them?* looking up, then down up, down. Excuse me are you..SEOAware?


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