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Because I Said So!

We love our clients..not too much, just in that client love sort of way and we appreciate them too. We also care deeply for our friends, but we need to clarify some things with our clients, friends and whoever else out there. Don’t Hate Us for Saying “Because We Said So!” Some clients (and friends) […]

Is the Number of Blog Posts or Quality More Important for SEO?

Google’s Matt Cutts answers! Another video with great info!

A Recent Blog Post for Sarasota Business Network

We have a recent blog post at Not all Sarasota Web Designers and SEOs are Created Equal

10e20 + Brent Csutoras + Search and Social = The BIGGEST Social Media Merge in the WORLD!

At the last Search and Social conference I noticed that 10e20, Brent Csutoras and Search and Social were having pow wow meetings…all very secretive, but NOW we know! They have merged and merged in a massive way! The question is what does this mean? What happens when you put the brightest minds in the industry […]