2 responses to “A Big Issue with Your all "Flash" Website”

  1. berto

    Just be aware that the alternatives to doing Flash functionality often kill other browsers. You may not want to admit it, but IE6 users still out-number iAnything users by about 10:1.

    Sure JavaScript can do what Flash does, but do you really want to. It may be better to go ahead and create a light version of your site for the smaller browsers in general. Then just have that smaller version more streamlined where it is possible to use without JavaScript or Flash.

    Either that or we tell everyone to upgrade their browsers to Chrome or Firefox, but I think we already know how far that goes.


  2. Melissa


    I understand your points, but there have been about 40 million iPhones sold. Let’s take a big 5 mil off for all those that bought newer versions or broke their phone and couldn’t get another one. You are looking at 35 million iPhone users as an estimate. This is a massive amount and a population that cannot be ignored.

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