SEO Bull, Those That Lie, Cheat & Steal From Businesses

Posted by Melissa in SEO on August 5, 2010

Well, after meeting with yet another new client I have to say that I am again irritated and ticked off over another nice business either being ripped off or sadly hiring an ignorant company.

I See It Online Everyday

Thanks to Google alerts I see local competitors that swear that they offer top-notch SEO, but when you review their site you see they haven’t even followed basic SEO 101 for themselves. If they don’t do it for their own site they either don’t get it or they just don’t get it!

SEO Plans for Websites – More Than One for Each Site!

SEO Aware has an overall plan for each of our client’s websites and then we have an optimization plan for each page of the website. There are site goals and page goals. There are blog goals too. There are conversion plans and goals for the site and pages.

SEO is all about goals and planning. I see the “SEO” other companies say they are actively working on and there is no SEO, no plans, no thought about conversion. It is a bloody mess!

If you are considering hiring and “SEO” consultant or company you need to be REALLY, REALLY careful before you spend your money. Please check out our What is/What are? posts. These are basics from 2007.

Falsifying Qualifications, Ignorance or Laziness? Probably A Combination of Each!

Any reputable person in this industry can tell you that part of the job is keeping up on the changes that are non-stop! I read every day and they read every day. To claim ignorance and not know about the basics of SEO (like that having the same title-tag on every page is not SEO) means that the person either is lying about their skills, knowledge, qualifications etc. OR they were so lazy that they didn’t bother to keep up on the constantly changing SEO industry (and anyone in it knows that it does!) so they became ignorant.

I don’t care how you cut it, if you don’t know what you are doing and you are offering SEO you are stealing from businesses. You are taking money they work darn hard for and you are stealing it.

Everyone has been ripped off by companies at some point – Example, people swearing they know how to fix A/C systems and then they break an hour later. Most people don’t like it happening to them, but many that claim to be SEO’s and Internet Marketers and Social Media experts have no clue what they are doing and it is the same thing! IT IS stealing, lying and ripping people off!

Businesses are trusting them and throwing away their advertising budgets. I have to say it really pisses me off!

4 responses to “SEO Bull, Those That Lie, Cheat & Steal From Businesses”

  1. john andrews

    Careful what you believe… I’ve heard prospective clients tell stories of prior bad experiences, only to learn later (sometimes the hard way) that some clients are bigger scammers than those web marketing scammers.

    People tend to behave as they have before… so if they are all about blaming some scammer for having done nothing, you might want to check for the other side of the story before trusting that client. You don’t want to be the next victim having stories told about you having cheated them as well.

    john andrews

  2. Melissa

    John, I have been doing this long enough to know when clients are being lied to. When they are told they have crazy traffic numbers and the reports clearly show they do not.

    When they are paying $500 a month for SEO for “home page” in the title-tag…I know when clients are being ripped off and when they are not.

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